What is Pathfinder Core rulebook?

Introduction to Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Pathfinder is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) where you and a group of friends gather to tell a tale of brave heroes and cunning villains in a world filled with terrifying monsters and amazing treasures.

More importantly, Pathfinder is a game where your character’s choices determine how the story unfolds.

Pathfinder adventures take place in the Age of Lost Omens, a perilous fantasy world rife with ancient empires; sprawling city-states; and countless tombs, dungeons, and monster lairs packed with plunder.

A Pathfinder character’s adventures might take them to forsaken underwater ruins, haunted gothic crypts, or magical universities in jungle cities. A world of endless adventure awaits!

Pathfinder Core rulebook PDF

Pathfinder core rulebook

With a haunting moan, shambling bodies rose up from the forgotten battlefield. Given foul unlife by the necromancy of the Whispering Tyrant, the corpses still wore the tattered raiment of their former lives.

These crusaders had been the first to stand against the lich when he returned, and they were the first to fall in his rebirth.

“Aroden is dead!” Valeros spat out the dead god’s name like a curse as he drew his sword and readied his battered shield. “He’s not coming back to save us this time.”

Kyra and Merisiel shared his sentiment. The Whispering Tyrant was back, and it was up to them to return the lich to his grave.

As Kyra strode up beside Valeros, blade in hand, she called out a prayer to her goddess. Sarenrae’s light would guide and fortify her against the coming darkness, but there would be no direct divine intervention in this war.

Victory would be bought with the sweat and blood of mortals, and both the brave and the innocent would give their lives. Merisiel nodded to the others, a look of determination upon her face. Quickly scanning the horde, she found her first target and let fly a small blade.

It sank to the hilt in the rotting eye socket of one of the dead crusaders, but while the foul creature staggered back, it did not fall. Unfazed, she drew another dagger and prepared to throw again.

Provoked by the attack, the undead advanced as one, a wave of rotting flesh and clattering bone that descended on the heroes…

Pathfinder core rule book
Pathfinder book core rulebook

What You will Get here

1. Introduction to Pathfinder Core RuleBook
Learn the basics of roleplaying games, get an overview of the rules, and see an example of play. This section also covers how to build a character, as well as how to level up your character after adventuring.

2. Ancestries & Backgrounds
Choose the people your character belongs to—whether they’re dwarves, elves, gnomes, goblins, halflings, or humans, then pick a background that fleshes out what your character did before becoming an adventurer. Details on languages also appear in this chapter.

3. Classes
Bold fighters, devout clerics, scholarly wizards, and inventive alchemists are just a few of the 12 character classes you can select from. This chapter also details animal companions, familiars, and multiclass archetypes that expand your character’s abilities.

4. Skills
Execute acrobatic maneuvers, trick your enemies, tend to an ally’s wounds, or learn all about strange creatures and magic using your training in skills.

5. Feats
Expand your capabilities by selecting general feats that improve your statistics or give you new actions. This chapter includes skill feats, which are tied directly to your skills.

6. Equipment
Gear up for adventure with this vast arsenal of armor, weapons, and gear.

7. Spells
Learn to kindle magic in the palm of your hand. This section includes the rules for spellcasting, hundreds of spell descriptions, focus spells used by certain classes, and rituals.

8. The Age of Lost Omens
Discover the world of Golarion. In the Age of Lost Omens, you can delve into the secrets of ancient empires and claim your own heroic destiny.

9. Playing the Game
Read up on comprehensive rules for playing the game, using actions, and calculating your statistics. This includes rules on encounters, exploration, and downtime, as well as everything you need for combat.

10. Game Mastering
Prepare and run your games with the advice in this section. Rules for setting Difficulty Classes, granting rewards, environments, and hazards can also be found here.

11. Crafting & Treasure
Award treasure, from magic weapons to alchemical compounds and transforming statues. The rules for activating and wearing alchemical and magical items are found here as well.

12. Conditions Appendix
Read up on conditions, from dying to slowed to frightened. These rules cover common benefits and drawbacks that typically come from spells or special actions.


  • Character Sheet


  • Glossary and Index

  • Quickly find the rules you need in a combined rules glossary and book index


Why to Read Pathfinder Core Rulebook

The Pathfinder Core Rulebook includes:

  • More than 600 pages of game rules, advice, character options, treasure, and more for players and Game Masters!
  • Six heroic player character ancestries, including elf, dwarf, gnome, goblin, halfling, and human, with variant heritages for half-elf and half-orc!

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Basics of Play

Before creating your first character or adventure, you should understand a number of basic concepts used in the game. New concepts are presented in bold to make them easy to find, but this chapter is only an introduction to the basics of play.

The complete game rules are defined in later chapters, and the Glossary and Index in the back of this book will help you find specific rules you need.

Final Word
Pathfinder is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) where you and a group of friends gather to tell a tale of brave heroes and cunning villains in a world filled with terrifying monsters and amazing treasures. Hope You like this article.

This is just an Introduction of this book and We are going to discuss A to Z about Pathfinder Core Rulebook.