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Introduction & Description of All Quiet on the Western Front

Paul Bäumer narrates the story entitled ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, where the German army faces French, British and American forces during World War I.

All Quiet on the Western Front

Paul and several of his school friends were inspired by their teacher Kantorek to enlist in order to fight for the German Fatherland.

Their first ten weeks in the army involved a strict training regime where they were under the command of a cruel, sadistic Corporal named Himmelstoss.

They soon realized that the air of patriotism that had encouraged them to enlist was false, and was soon blown away by the realities of war.

They were soon consumed by a physical terror of what faced them. There was no glory and honor in this war.

About The Author of All Quiet on the Western Front

Erich Paul Remark was born in Northern Germany on June 22nd 1898 in the town of Osnabrück. He used the name Erich Maria Remarque when ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ was published.

The middle name of Maria was used in memory of his mother, and he changed the spelling of his surname in order to disassociate himself from his early writings.

Of course his first book was published in German, and it was called ‘Im Westen Nichts Neues’ which literally translated means ‘Nothing New on the Western Front’.

Remarque was in his mid teens when the First World War broke out. He had obtained his education from Catholic schools.

He was called up for military service in November 1916 where he trained at the barracks situated in Osnabrück. It is widely believed that the Caprivi Barracks in Osnabrück are the very same as the
Klosterberg Barracks, described in the novel.

Book Information

Book Name : All Quiet on the Western Front
Author : Erich Maria Remarque
Country : Germany
Language : German
Publication Date : January 29, 1929
ISBN : n/a
Number Of Pages : 200

Small Summary of All Quiet on the Western Front

Summary of All Quiet on the Western Front is different for each of chapter included in in this Book. We have provided Summaries of only 3 Chapters and rest you can get it on PDF.

So here is the Summary of All Quiet on the Western Front Chapter wise :

Summary – Chapter : 1

This story is narrated by Paul Bäumer and concerns his experiences and those of the other members of his company of soldiers fighting on the Western Front during the First World War. After two weeks of continual fighting, Paul’s company of 150 men has been reduced to 80.

Paul had volunteered for military service along with his classmates, Leer, Muller and Kropp all of whom are 19 years old. Other notable members of Paul’s immediate circle of soldiers are Tjaden who was formerly a locksmith.

Haie who used to be a peat digger, and Deterring a peasant farmer who often thinks of his wife and family at home. The unofficial leader of their group is Katczinsky (Kat for short). He is 40 years old and has survived so far due to his cunning.

Paul describes the scene where they line up for breakfast and the cook has mistakenly prepared rations for 150 men, but only 80 have survived to eat this meal.

Those present quickly claim the rations in place of their fallen comrades, but the cook insists that he has been given orders only to distribute single rations.

A heated argument follows and the cook finally relents to distribute all the food. The men rest after their breakfast and relax playing cards and having a well-earned smoke.

Paul wonders how another classmate; Kemmerich is doing after he had received a thigh wound. Some of the men visit him in the hospital and he is a poor state, close to death. He has had his leg amputated because the wound became infected and he developed gangrene.

Muller quickly realizes that Kemmerich
will no longer require his fine boots, and puts a claim in for them. He might as well benefit from them because the orderlies will steal them for themselves. Paul remains by Kemmerich’s bedside until he dies
and then takes the boots for Muller.

Summary – Chapter : 2

Chapter 2 opens with Paul reminiscing about his earlier life, but it is surreal because this world now seems so vague and distant.

Paul and his schoolmates feel isolated from the normal world because they have gone straight from school to the Front Line.

Some of the others in their group, like Deterring, have something to look forward to when the war ends, but Paul and other 19 year olds have not had the opportunity to develop their careers, start hobbies and begin families. All they know is the bleak landscape on the Front Line.

Paul muses that he has learnt far more in the ten weeks of military training than he learnt spending ten years at school. From being and astute schoolboy, Paul has reverted to an unthinking cog in the war machine.

Whilst they were at the training barracks they were commanded by Corporal Himmelstoss. In civilian life he was a mail man, but he relishes the power given to him by the onset of war. He treats the new recruits sadistically, trying to break their spirit.

During their training, all the recruits hated this Corporal, but now they recognize that his training has been essential for their survival. At the training barracks they developed a camaraderie, which endures with them still.

Summary – Chapter : 3

Paul’s company receives a batch of new recruits to replace the dead and wounded. Seeing these new lambs arrive for the slaughter, Paul and the others feel like hardened veterans.

Some of these recruits are only seventeen years old. Kat is a valuable member of the group. He is adept at scrounging extra food and provisions.

He is a true survivor and makes the most of life in the trenches. Kat and Kropp both put forward ideas that would bring the war to an end quickly, or even stop it starting in the first place.

Kat thinks that if everybody in the war received the same food and pay, it would soon be over. Kropp thinks that the war should be restricted to the Generals and leaders, and they should face one another in an arena and fight each other with clubs.

Strangely, Paul and his friends remember how life was much easier back at the training barracks. Even the sadistic Himmelstoss seems mild compared to the realities of war. Kat, an astute judge of character, recognizes that Himmelstoss is the type of small-minded power-hungry man that uses war as a vehicle with which to pursue their cruelty.

The army runs on power. Those above you wield their power over you and control you. The group learns that Himmelstoss is coming up to the Front. Tjaden has more reason than most to hate Himmelstoss who gave him a torrid time because he was a bed-wetter.

Himmelstoss was convinced that the bed-wetting was attributed to laziness. He forced Tjaden and another bed-wetter to sleep in the same set of bunks, and he forced them to trade places so that the one underneath would be drenched in the other’s urine. Himmelstoss’ treatment of the boys only made matters worse.

Chapter : 11

Chapter 11

Chapter : 12

All Quiet on the Western Front

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